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The 4 Elements of Hip Hop – Now and Then

hip hop

It’s a fact – we are flooded with elements, subcultures and influences of Hip Hop. We might not realize it, but a majority of our urban cultures derives from the original 4 elements of Hip Hop, which have been mixed, mashed and changed into something completely different.

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Top 5 Sitcoms of the Last Two Decades


In the past twenty years or so there were a lot of great sitcoms. We laughed, cried and enjoyed them in our own way, but there are five that are just a little bit more special. Read this article to find out.

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The Best Movie Villains


When we watch some movie, we always want a good guy to win or we wish to have something that he or she represents. This also depends a lot on how charismatic the person who play that character is. But what about other characters and the actors who play them?

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Great Tips for Opening an Outdoor Restaurant


Everybody will agree that opening an outdoor restaurant at a place with mild and nice weather is a great move. People love them, they are always full and they have good turnover. Just like in any other business, there are those that work really well and those that do not do that well. Generally, it is easy to agree that, ...

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How to make your business eco-friendly

  The world of today is facing big changes every day, which include limited living and working space, and other environmental issues, such as pollution, extinction of some species, etc. Even though the development of industry has improved life in general, at the same time it has had a huge impact on the planet as well. Lately, the trend in ...

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Great tips for opening a restaurant

  Almost every cook dreams of owning a restaurant one day. Nowadays, it is no longer a problem to become an entrepreneur and run your own business, unlike couple of decades ago. But before delving into becoming your own boss, there are some things to have in mind. Stay tuned for some of the most important ones. Location First thing ...

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5 Ways for Stress Release That Really Work


It doesn’t matter if you have troubles at work, you are arguing with a friend, or worry about your partner, stress is affecting your health and can cause you many problems. Even if there are no big problems in your life (we honestly hope there aren’t), little things can pile up and make you feel sad and exhausted. Stress lowers ...

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Give Your Skin a Soothing Anti-Itch Treatment

skin care

Having an irritating skin is so annoying because the more you scratch, the more it itches. You may notice some kind of change in the color and texture of your skin, but the root cause is usually difficult to pinpoint. This irritation may range from a mild reaction to using inappropriate cosmetics to more severe cases of allergic reactions to ...

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Bacteria – They Are Everywhere


Bacteria are literally everywhere. They can be found in the ground, on the subway, in and on your body. Humans are mostly made up of bacteria. There are more of them than there are of us, as for every our cell, there are ten bacterial cells. The greatest number of bacteria in our bodies can be found in the gut, ...

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Seven Natural Wonders of Serbia

wonders of serbia

Due to its specific geographical position, and active participation in creating of the history in its region, Serbia is rich with historical monuments. But, maybe it wouldn’t be so interesting for civilization paths that nature itself has not taken care to make them diverse and interesting. Deciduous forests, clear mountain rivers, sparkling waterfalls and crystal clear springs, gigantic mountain peaks ...

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Astonishing Monasteries in the Southeastern Europe


Traveling through Europe doesn’t have to include visiting only the most popular cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, etc. The continent of Europe, especially the southeast, has other beautiful and breathtaking places as well, and those are not famous touristic centers;

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4 Places to Visit in New York

New York

The USA has for many decades been one of the best countries for tourists to visit. From the East to the West Coast, Alaska to Florida, every part of this huge country offers something interesting to be seen. When people say New York, the first thing that springs to mind is Manhattan.

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From Hell to Heaven Wedding Organization Checklist


  You said “Yes” and the wedding bells seem pretty close. You get the ecstatic feeling of marrying the person you love and everything seems to be falling into pieces. However, it is not to forget that if not done the right way, wedding planning can face some pitfalls as well. From small eating disorders to sleeping issues, stressful situations ...

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Cool gifts for your friend’s birthday

  When birthdays are rolling around, it is a very difficult time because choosing a gift can be a real nightmare. And it becomes even more bothersome since your friends will be expecting something amazing. However, there are a few ideas you can always go with, and it will be a success every time. Make your own bracelet While it ...

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5 Ways To Beat Prejudice About Women

women prejudice

  In 2014, Always launched a campaign addressing the common phrase “like a girl”. The stereotype surrounding this phrase suggests that women do things in an inferior way compared to men. The women in the ad screened during the Super Bowl challenge this stereotype by redefining the meaning of the phrase. Doing something “like a girl” is not to be ...

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Easy Low Cost Promotion Ideas


  Things that you cannot solve with money, you can solve with your wits and creativity. Get together the team of you brightest and the most positive employees and figure out the ways to promote your business without spending too much and breaking the budget. However, if you are not marketing experts, you can just take some of these clever ...

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10 Things You Should Do to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic


Did you have an idea to start a blog this year? Do you want to increase the number of unique visits to it? This article is for you. The thing is, blogging is constantly changing, but intrinsically stays the same. These might be contradictory statements, but they are about to get a new meaning.

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Focus Pads – A Surprising Tool to Help You in Combat Sports


  Introduction: Focus pads are exclusively used in the practice for combat sports. This facility exists only in the modern times. In the pre-modern times it was not available. The result was that the ladies and the men rarely practiced boxing and even more rarely used gel focus pads. The gel lined focus pads are very useful in the absorption ...

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Top 5 Cars That Changed Automotive Industry

history cars

During the long automotive history, there have been a lot of models that have had an influence on the evolution of cars. Each of following models is profoundly important for the automotive industry today. The revolution that some models brought is far more important that we think it is.

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Like a Boss: Dress Code

confident man

People say that looks are everything and they are right. But clothes alone will not make you act or feel like a boss. That is why it is important to remember that being a boss and acting like a boss are two very different things. It is a great privilege but also a great responsibility to be a leader.

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My Party Quiz – Entertain Your Brain

my party quiz

So are you bored? You reach for your phone only to find the same old games that you already turned around a few times already. You reach for Google Play, only to be disappointed in their choice of games. If you need something new and challenging, something to entertain your brain, and not only to practice your tapping dynamics, then ...

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True Facts

6 Easy Steps for Keeping Your Lawn in Order

Lawn in Order

Your lawn can be more than just a simple patch of grass. If you spend some time arranging and taking care of all the greenery you have, your backyard will look amazing. Also, you’llbe able to create a haven for relaxation and a serene place where you can enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that it will take a bit more ...

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4 Things to Think About Before Moving In

moving in

As the time approaches for you to move into your new place, you’ll probably be super excited and look forward to the moment when you’ll be sleeping in your new bed. Maybe your new home is closer to your job, or in a neighbourhood you always wanted to live in. However, are you 100% sure that your new place is ...

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In Math We Trust


There is no genetic predetermination for mathematical intelligence, and there is a lot of scientific studies that support this. Don’t take part in an already flawed system that reinforces this opinion. Sumerians discovered math and developed writing 5000 years ago. People from the age of long past gone valued the benefits of mathematical knowledge, yet we are often indifferent to ...

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