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The 4 Elements of Hip Hop – Now and Then

hip hop

It’s a fact – we are flooded with elements, subcultures and influences of Hip Hop. We might not realize it, but a majority of our urban cultures derives from the original 4 elements of Hip Hop, which have been mixed, mashed and changed into something completely different.

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Top 5 Sitcoms of the Last Two Decades


In the past twenty years or so there were a lot of great sitcoms. We laughed, cried and enjoyed them in our own way, but there are five that are just a little bit more special. Read this article to find out.

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The Best Movie Villains


When we watch some movie, we always want a good guy to win or we wish to have something that he or she represents. This also depends a lot on how charismatic the person who play that character is. But what about other characters and the actors who play them?

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Choosing the Right Tattoo

making tattoo

First of all, if you decide to get a tattoo, you better have a good idea about what you want. The picture you put on your body is meant to stay there forever, that’s why it has to be meaningful, to remind you of people, events or decisions that have changed your life.

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What to Read This Fall

girl reading in park

Whether you are going on a vacation, or staying at home and relaxing, you should have a good book at your side. This is a list of new releases that deserve your attention. All of these novels feature unique stories. Some of them will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will leave you perplexed.

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Top 9 Art Festivals

Art Festivals

Art festival is a perfect place to enjoy cutting-edge works from today’s top artists and sometimes participate in workshops, attend lectures or even meet your favorite artist. Finally, every festival offers a unique experience.

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Best Stand-up Comedians

Stand up comedy

When you’re down and brown, when everything looks grey and your sadness doesn’t seem to go away, try watching a stand-up comedian show. I guarantee it will immediately improve your mood. But, you should try to choose the right comedian, so in order to help you, I created this list of – what I think – are currently the five best stand-up comedians. ...

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Top 10 Most Unusual Museums in the World

Unusual Museums

When I think about museums, I have this picture in my head: high ceilings, big rooms, long hallways, a bunch of artworks that are either boring or confusing, and of course, you have to be completely quiet not to disturb others who obviously understand art better than you do.

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4 Dances for Everyone

Dances for Everyone

You might be a fan of the dance industry, you may be about to choose a branch of it to be your current occupation, or you know absolutely nothing about any of it

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