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The Best Movie Villains

When we watch some movie, we always want a good guy to win or we wish to have something that he or she represents. This also depends a lot on how charismatic the person who play that character is. But what about other characters and the actors who play them?

In my opinion, the best way for an actor to show all of his acting skills is to play a villain. These roles are far more demanding than roles of good guys. So, here is a list of the characters who are the the worst, the most ruthless and charismatic movie villains in the history of this industry. And just to be clear, you won’t find any characters from horror movies on this list. After all, that is a topic for the next time.

5. Hans Gruber

hans gruber

Everybody likes the movie Die Hard. I think there is not a person who hasn’t watched this fantastic movie at least once. The main role was given to Bruce Willis, and he was good, actually better that good, he was fantastic. After all, this role made him a star. But, John McClane is not the only character who is brilliant in this movie. There is a bad guy as well, and his name is Hans Gruber. He is a ruthless killer, with its band of hired killers, and he is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. As you can see, John McClane had an excellent opponent. The role of Hans Gruber was given to Alan Rickman. Hans did everything by plan, but he did only one wrong thing, he confronted with John McClane.

4. Magneto


I think that everybody knows why Magneto is on this list. It is obvious from the very beginning of this successful movie franchise who the bad guy is in a series of movies about X-men. He is a mutant and he can control metal. Actually, he can do whatever he wants with it. Isn’t that amazing? He does not choose ways and means in order to succeed. It is an interesting fact that Magneto does what he does only to harm humans in order for X-men to become the dominant race. Magneto is actually looking for revenge and that makes him so dangerous.

3. Darth Vader

darth vader

Well, this is the point where many of you do not agree with the position of Dart Vader. Believe me, he deserves this position. Yes, he is a super villain, and yes, he did many bad things. But, the fact that Anakin Skywalker was too weak for the dark force and that he passed that border to become evil is something that bothers me. To be clear, Dart Vader has always been one of my favorite movie characters, but he is not as bad as he seems to be. What proves that is the last fight between him and Luke and the way in which he died. For many fans, this villain will be the symbol of a bad guy, but for me, Dart Vader will remain an excellent character and a bad guy but there are better than him.

2. Hannibal Lecter

hannibal lecter

This character appeared for the first time in The Silence of the Lambs and he is scary, really scary. Hannibal is extremely intelligent and capable of doing everything, and he enjoys it. Oh, I forgot one fact, he is a cannibal, too. It seems that Lecter enjoys to torture people and he does it in such a perfect way and with such a pleasure that scares and fascinates everybody. This character would not be that famous if Antony Hopkins didn’t play it. I mean, Mr. Hopkins is a fantastic actor and he’s had many amazing roles, but he showed his full talent playing this character.

1. Joker


In my opinion, Joker is a perfect example of a bad guy. He is smart, ruthless and totally unpredictable. He does not show any compassion or reasonable thinking, he is just evil and that’s it. A certain dose of humor also helped this character to become so popular. Joker always has something funny to say, which is totally unexpected. Jack Nicholson and Hit Ledger played Joker. Jack played this character first and he was very good but Hit did a great job in Dark Knight and thus created an iconic character. I think there is no other character who has had the honor of being played by such fantastic actors.

As I already said, only a good actor can play well a bad guy and leave a mark. These actors are one of the reasons why we love these characters and why we watch movies where they appear again and again. These villains are unique, intelligent and ruthless and that is why these characters are so much interesting and popular.

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