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Give Your Skin a Soothing Anti-Itch Treatment

Having an irritating skin is so annoying because the more you scratch, the more it itches. You may notice some kind of change in the color and texture of your skin, but the root cause is usually difficult to pinpoint. This irritation may range from a mild reaction to using inappropriate cosmetics to more severe cases of allergic reactions to dust or mold in your home.

Although scratching feels relieving, it can prevent your skin from healing. Hopefully, there are some methods that can calm the situation down and eventually give your skin some soothing treatment and speed up the healing process.Take a look at some of these anti-itch remedies. They are all natural and you can easily prepare them at your home.


clay for skin

You probably already know that clay has amazing benefits. It is not useful only with itching but also with other skin issues such as acne, bites, and stings. The most powerful clay used for these purposes is the green clay, also called Bentonite clay. This one is particularly effective because of its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when it gets in touch with fluid, which gives it the ability to absorb toxins. It is also known for removing impurities, heavy metals, and chemicals. Green clay also has a high concentration of minerals including calcium, silica, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Because of all this, it is frequently used in cleansing and detox products.

How to use it: combine the clay with filtered water to get a creamy mixture. It is important to use a wooden bowl and spoon for mixing. Simply spread the clay over the itchy areas, leave it to dry (this will take about 15-20 minutes), and then rinse it off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV will be an effective ally in fighting that irritating itchy skin. Try to use raw, organic apple cider vinegar.Also, when you buy ACV, make sure that you choose the one with the “mother” of vinegar, which contains all the beneficial bacteria, enzymes, pectin, and trace minerals that make this vinegar so good.

How to use it: take a cotton ball, put a few drops of ACV onto it, and place it over the itchy areas.The first time you apply apple cider vinegar to your skin, you can rinse it off with some warm water after 5 minutes to make sure that your skin is not too exposed to it. Also, remember to shake the bottle well each time before using it in order to distribute the elements.

Another great thing about apple cider vinegar is that you can combine it with green clay and get a soothing treatment for your skin. So, when preparing clay, use apple cider vinegar instead of water. You should first add just a few drops of vinegar because it will fizz up.



Oatmeal is not great only for your breakfast but can remove dead skin cells and soak up oil, which means that you can use it to get rid of acne. Maybe you are surprised, but oatmeal can also help you reduce rash thanks to itscompounds called avenanthramideswhich are known for reducing inflammation.

How to use it: use plain, organic and uncooked oatmeal to prepare a poultice. It is best to use either steel-cut or ground oatmeal for this. Add it to a bowl and pour in a bit of water. Allow to sit for just a few minutes until its consistency resembles that of a paste. All you have to do now is to apply the paste to irritated areas of your skin.

To use oatmeal in your bath, add two cups of uncooked oatmeal, a cup of milk, and a tablespoon of honey to a bathtub of lukewarm water. Soak for about 20 minutes.

Coconut Oil

Apart from it use in the kitchen, coconut oil has a number of other purposes. Coconut oil helps with various causes of irritated skin, from an insect bite to dry skin. It will not only relieve your skin from that annoying rash but will also do other amazing things. Let’s see why it is so good.

It contains saturated fats that keep the skin smooth to the touch, moisturize the skin, and reduce the appearance of the pores. Coconut oil also prevents microbial infections from entering the body through the pores. Vitamin E, which this oil is rich in, protects the skin from aging and wrinkling, as it has good antioxidant properties. The proteins of coconut oil keep the skin rejuvenated and contribute to tissue repair.

How to use it: the best way to use it is to rub it onto the irritated areas. In case your whole body is itching, you can first enjoy in a bathtub of lukewarm water, pat yourself dry, and then apply the oil. Here you can read how to prepare a coconutoil face wash.

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