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Focus Pads – A Surprising Tool to Help You in Combat Sports




Focus pads are exclusively used in the practice for combat sports. This facility exists only in the modern times. In the pre-modern times it was not available. The result was that the ladies and the men rarely practiced boxing and even more rarely used gel focus pads. The gel lined focus pads are very useful in the absorption of shock so when the pad is hit, the person holding the pad won’t feel a thing.

Focus pads are a vital tool in the field of boxing. They are often used by boxing novices who aspire to become professional boxers. TurnerMAX focus pads are the most effective. They build up muscles of your arms for vigorous training. They are also known as focus mitts, coaching pads, punch mitts and target pads. Focus pad training helps in turning new aspirants into professional sportsmen. They are flat, sometimes curved hand-held pads with a diameter of 12 inches. They are made of thick foam which is included in vinyl or leather material. Turner Sports UK is always thinking about excelling all other companies in terms of manufacturing quality sports goods and their focus pads are one of them.

Using focus mitts in boxing:

Focus mitts are a modern invention. Old school fighters or trainers did not use them. The fighters became champions without wearing them or practicing on them. Mittwork is a recent invention.

Advantages of focus pads:

It’s the nearest thing to fighting or sparring. It lets you practice more realistically without actually fighting a live person.

  • It’s a realistic exercise
  • It’s offensive and defensive at the same time
  • The fighter has the impression of moving around a live person
  • The trainer gives you a helpful feedback
  • You can practice for certain styles
  • It has great flexibility
  • It is both fun and full of challenges

According to the mittwork theory of boxing the most important advantages of mittwork training are:

  1. It develops natural fighting reflexes. (A large number of people focus on the power – to hit the pads as hard as possible. But that is the crux of the problem. The old school trainers believe that the new fighters spend too much time on mitts or focus pads. When you focus on the wrong thing, you are not only improving but you might be cultivating bad reflexes. Actually fighters involve in mittwork should develop their fighting reflexes.)
  2. Fighters should work on developing their fighting reflexes. They should keep in mind, not only offensive opportunities but also defensive opportunities. Hitting the focus pads is different from hitting a heavy bag where you just punch ceaselessly without stopping. And don’t think of defensive chances but this is not right. You should practice your defensive reflexes as well. Reflexes don’t mean memorized or choreographed movements but they mean to actually use your natural reflexes. Your trainer may throw a few punches at you without telling you in advance and you have to use your natural reflexes to avoid being hit. Thus mittwork training is supposed to try your offensive and defensive fighting skills simultaneously. Otherwise it is just like hitting a punching bag.
  3. The average mitt holders confuse you and ask you punch the mitts as hard as possible. So they are themselves exasperated and they also tend to exasperate you. The whole time they are releasing their personal anger at you. They will try to have you punch here, slip there, make this adjustment and make that adjustment. They will yell “keep your hands up”.

Average mitt holders:

The major problem is that the whole time of their training is simply wasted. You learn nothing useful. All you are doing is to remember more and more details instead of using your eyes to see punches coming at you and you are unable to make split second reactions which are based on your natural reflexes.

Best mitt holders:

They don’t yell at you, they will simply hit you and you will learn soon whether to roll under the punch or block. And they repeat this again and again to develop your fighting reflexes. This will improve your fighting coordination. The ultimate objective is to cultivate the fighters’ reflexes and instincts so that he can act even at times when the guidance is not available. You should instinctively know how to attack, defend, move and look for more strategies.

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