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Like a Boss: Dress Code

People say that looks are everything and they are right. But clothes alone will not make you act or feel like a boss. That is why it is important to remember that being a boss and acting like a boss are two very different things. It is a great privilege but also a great responsibility to be a leader.

Many leaders have good plans, act and do well, but when it comes to clothing, they make wrong choices. That does not make them less successful, but for most of us who are not as successful, smart or lucky as these guys are, clothes do make a difference.

Physical Appearance

working out

Even though being in charge can be stressful and make you think that leading a healthy lifestyle is hard, there are some advantages to it. First of all, you will be healthier and will look healthier as well, which will add to your overall appearance as a dominant person. It is probably not surprising that many people in the top 500 wealthiest are in good shape. Secondly, being in good shape will make you more attractive and, in turn, more powerful. The suit you wear will fit you better, and you will feel more comfortable wearing it. And lastly, good and healthy physical appearance leads to increased performance not only for you but for your team as well. Your subordinates look up to you and they will gladly accept the things that would make them look more like you.

Choosing the Right Clothes

Style Man

Keep in mind that wearing any suit does not make you elegant. Fashion changes often, but a three-piece suit along with a vest will definitely make you look more mature. Men have style and bosses have class, so be classy as you give orders and shake hands. So, what do the men in power do? They have their clothes tailored, usually by a personal tailor. And they do not own one or a few suits, they have many. By wearing clothes that are too small or too large for you, you will not only feel cheap, but less confident as well. Try to have at least one suit that is of high quality and/or by famous manufacturer. Even if you don’t need to wear a suit every day, keep one as the time may soon come when you will need it. Places like formal receptions, group meetings and job fairs are the right places to present your best to the world. Wearing ties, which suits a three-piece suit well, is also never out of place. As many people are focused on wearing casual outfits, prove them different by rocking a tie. If you really want to stand out, try a 2-piece suit with a bow tie.

Act Like a Boss a.k.a What Else to Wear

casual style

Non-verbal communication makes up about 90 percent of how people perceive you and it says more than words could ever do. Walk with a strut but don’t be pompous; you know who you are and you should not be afraid to show it. Shave regularly, as your face is the mirror of your personality. And more importantly, wear nice shoes that fit your suit. Invest in buying a quality wallet to house your cash and credit cards, but also you business cards. Carrying business cards will only add a dose of professionalism to your overall appearance. A new, shiny watch will also add to your look, as the details are what counts. It can be an old-style, luxurious practical watch or a brand new, aggressive-looking one, it doesn’t matter. Wear a watch that suits you and tell the time when you want to. A pen and a leather notepad are also necessary for a serious businessman. If you prefer to be classy, wear a briefcase; otherwise, you can take a laptop bag.

So, what makes successful people so good at what they do? Attention to details, I would say. People like to look up to people who pay attention to details, and more importantly, they find it easy to work under them. A good suit and a few other things can make all the difference in the world.

About Jovan Krstic

He is dedicated to make creative and useful articles in order to present his opinion to the world in the best possible way. Like to write about business, online marketing, start-up and managing. As a marketing manager, work on a few web shops and portals of lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, he is general secretary of CID Unesco Niš, organization that is working on development of dancing and maintaining culture of motion.

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