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Top 5 Cars That Changed Automotive Industry

During the long automotive history, there have been a lot of models that have had an influence on the evolution of cars. Each of following models is profoundly important for the automotive industry today. The revolution that some models brought is far more important that we think it is.

Each model brought something new: a new design, a better engine, lower prices, etc. All these are just some reasons as to why these models are so important for the industry nowadays. Also, it is important to say that people who made those cars are pioneers of this industry. With their knowledge and visions, they have made our life better and allowed us to enjoy in new car models each year, each better than the previous one. This is the list of 5 cars that have had the biggest influence on the automotive industry.

1. Ford Model T

Ford Model T

This car is maybe the most important car in the whole of automotive history. It was the first car to be made on an assembly line. That allowed the company to make automobiles faster and the whole production process was made more reliable and efficient. Also, Ford Model T is so important because the new way of producing this automobile was affordable to the middle-class. That means that before this model, automobiles have been the privilege of the rich people. And one more thing, this car was so popular all over the world because of the low price that it was the reason why Ford opened factories all over the world. So, Ford Model T was the first global car.

2. Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle was in Europe what Ford Model T was to the USA. Volkswagen started to produce this model 1938. It was a reliable, cheap and simple automobile, and it was famous worldwide because of the price and quality, like the Ford Model T. Also, like Ford, Volkswagen started to open factories all over the world to produce this model. The Beetle was originally designed by Ferdinand Porche, after a while he use some parts for his new automobiles. It is interesting that this model was produced until 2003, and it was produced in more than 21 000 000 pieces.

3. Honda Insight

Honda Insight

This car was the first hybrid car on the market. It was presented to the public just a few months before the famous Toyota Prius. This model didn’t have much success on the market. But not because of the engine, or because something was wrong – it was unsuccessful only because of the lack of space. The Honda Insight used 1.0-liter with 3 cylinder engine. It was less than 900kg in weight and it consumed about 4.4 liters per 100km. This car brought on the revolution in the automotive industry, and now every bigger automobile factory develops and produces new models of electric cars to help save the environment.

4. Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Fiat Cinquecento or Fiat 500 was the first city car and it was very popular all over the world. This model was aerodynamic, light and, what is more important, it was fuel efficient. The Fiat started to produce this model during the 1970s and it has been producing it for 18 years. Although, Fiat 500 didn’t have that success like the Ford Model T or Volkswagen Beetle, it had been a very popular automobile of that period. Nowadays, a new version of this model is produced in Italian Fiat.

5. The British Mini

Old Mini

This car was simply revolutionary. You are probably asking why?  Well, for starters, the layout and the suspension, which used rubber cones for dampening, are just a few things that were absolutely innovative and well accepted. This model won the Monte Carlo rally three times and the British Saloon Car Championship five times. These successes brought the worldwide popularity for this fantastic automobile and you could buy it everywhere. Today we can enjoy in the new version of this model.

These five automobiles are just a small part of the automotive industry that had an influence on its development. There are other models and their contribution is very important, too. But, in my opinion, these five models are crucial, and their influence can be felt even today. When somebody buys a new car, that person buys a small piece of all these cars. Some things that these classic automobiles achieved are still incredible and fantastic. These five models are icons and its designers were the pioneers of the industry, with a vision of the future.

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