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Top 5 Classic Cars

There is something magical, something beautiful, in classic cars. That kind of happiness can’t be felt by someone who is not a fan of automobiles. In those cars, there is a piece of everything: a piece of history, a piece of enjoyment, a piece of the legacy, etc.

I can’t say that nowadays automobiles are bad, just the opposite, they are perfect. The new automobiles are better than the old ones, with all that technology, new systems, and equipment, everything is in place. But, something’s missing, something that is crucial for people who love automobiles, and that something is the old-fashioned charm. Also, today’s factories produce hundreds of models of cars each year and there is something for everybody and those new vehicles are perfect. But, maybe too much perfection is not that good. Now, we will return to the past in order to see what kind of cars were driven couple decades ago and which ones were the best.

The Italian Icon

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

The Italian automotive industry is famous worldwide. Everybody who knows something about cars must be familiar with Italian masterpieces. One of those masterpieces is the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 with 8 cylinders and the 2.9-liter engine. This car had been produced from 1935 to 1939 and it had been available in two classes: Sports and Racing cars. It was made as the 2-seat roadster and 2-seat coupe. The Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 has four-speed transmission with a reverse gear. It is interesting that this car was sold on an auction for $4.072.000. Probably, the guy who bought an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 is the biggest fan of this automobile.

The Old Gentleman from Great Britain

Phantom I

When we speak about classic cars we must mention Rolls-Royce. It would be some kind of  blasphemy not to do that. One model is iconic among classic automobiles, and that is Phantom I. This car was produced from 1925 to 1931 and it only 3512 pieces of this beautiful limousine have been made. Also, it is well known for its speed and reliability. The phantom was a 4-door sedan with manual transmission boxes of 3 speeds and 4 speeds. The value of this car on the market today is, amazingly, 1.2m. This is a car for those with a profound taste for automobiles.

The Beginning of the American Brand

Ford Mustang 1964

Of course, we cannot skip American cars, the so called muscle cars. Ford Mustang from 1964 has a proper combination of good looks, strength, and speed. It was produced from 1964 to 1973 and has 3-speed manual, 3-speed automatic and 4-speed manual transmissions. This car is not for those who prefer a luxury ride, this car is for people who like open roads, a full tank and looking for adventure. This class of automobiles was known by the name pony cars. But, this car is far from a pony.

The Maranello’s Prancing Horse

1958 Ferrari 250 TR

1958 Ferrari 250 TR is not a car – it is a piece of fine art by artists from Ferrari. There is nobody who can say this art piece is not amazing. This automobile was made for the fans of speed. Actually, Ferrari 250 TR was made as a sports car with 4-speed manual transmission. Also, it is important to say that this car has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race 3 times. Oh yes, one more thing, this model has a value up to $16m today.

The British Classic Sport Car

Aston Martin DB4GT 1963

Aston Martin DB4GT is a car that was produced from 1958-1963 and only less than 100 pieces of this car have been made. It was a real sports car and comes as a 2-seat coupe, 2+2 coupe, and 2+2 drophead. Besides beauty, this car has a lot to offer on the road. With a speed of 246 km/h and with the 6.1s sprint to 100km/h, this was a supercar for the period. It was a really strong automobile with 302 hp and two types of engine: 3.7 liters and 3.8 liters. I would definitely like to have one of these, and who wouldn’t.

All these cars are beautiful. Reminds me why I like automobiles and everything about it. My dream is to drive one of these, it is not important for how long. I just want to relax and to enjoy driving. Only a few lucky people have had the opportunity to enjoy in the perfection of these automobiles. What’s very interesting is that these classic cars are still wanted and very expensive. There are still persons who don’t want only to buy a new and fast car. There are people who respect what classic cars presented. And that is not only a few steps of automotive industry evolution. Every part of that evolution has stories and heroes, every part is a special and unique chapter of one bigger story that will not finish yet.

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