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What Should I Post on Facebook? 10 Techniques That Work!

If your ad on Facebook is not giving you the results you are expecting, don’t think you are alone in this. Since the newsfeed has become like the main railroad station in Beijing, it is no wonder that your ads are not as effective as they were just a year ago.

According to the information that the company called L2 has, brands now post more on Instagram than on Facebook. It’s no time to despair though; it is time to find new and creative ways to make ads more effective on Facebook.

“Internet marketing is like digging a gold mine. 97% of the people focus on the 99% of dirt and dust, and keep complaining. 3% of the people focus on the 1% gold, and keep collecting.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sanja Budin

1. Post Good Video Content


The main strategy which has proved its relevance lately is a good video. Socialbakers, a company that specializes in social media, examined 670.000 posts posted by 4.445 brands. The result was such that video content had 8.71% organic reach, far more than written status updates, which were at 5.77%, linked posts at 5.29%, and photos at 3.73%. Here are two tips on how to post a video on Facebook:

  •  Post a video directly to Facebook, rather than sharing a link to the video. This is more effective if the video comes originally from YouTube.
  • Set the video to “featured”. Facebook has the option to highlight a video if you choose such an option.

2. Share Photos with Quotes

The technique that is still a viable option and shows good organic reach are photos with quotes. Mike Gingerich, who is a writer for the Social Media Examiner, explains why photos like these still have great popularity. People love inspirational quotes that motivate them or elicit certain emotions, which can lead to interactions with the post and possible sharing. Facebook sharing plays a big role in improving the results of advertising for your brand. In this way you can gain many new friends and likes. These kinds of photos have become so popular that there are many free online tools that help you create such images quickly and easily.

3. Target Your Organic Posts

organic traffic

Given that Facebook has reduced the organic reach of posts, you need to make sure that these posts are seen by the targeted audience. What we can do now is to target the audience for our posts. The research conducted by the Social Media Examiner with mixed results has brought a clear conclusion: “posts that are targeted have a larger audience than those that are not”.

4. Include a Call-To-Action Button

At the end of 2014, Facebook presented the call-to-action button, which is designed to help businesses expand their influence on social networks. Page admins can create 7 different forms of these buttons:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

5. Try “Dark Posts”

Dark Posts

“Dark posts” are posts that are not shown on our timeline. Instead, they are shown to the targeted audience of our choice. Why is this helpful? Separate studies have shown how to use these posts in the best possible manner. You can make 3-4 forms of the same post, and intend them for different audiences. So, instead of cluttering our page with the same content intended for different categories of users, we can use this tool and avoid looking spammy. Here is the tool that allows this:

This option is available only to Google Chrome users.

6. Hit the Target with the Headline

There are a few tools that can help you hit the bullseye with a headline. One of these tools is Buzzsumo. Here is another piece of advice from Rand Fishkin about using Buzzsumo: There is a great tool for that Buzzsumo. You can type keywords and see the content related to the keyword in the past six months that have proven to be the most effective on social networks. A great way to gain insight into what will function better in the future.

7. Simply Increase the Number of Posts

Facebook likes

Another simple method by which we can increase visibility on Facebook is to increase the number of posts per day. Social Fresh did a research that directly correlated the number of visits to the number of posts. At the same time, the results showed that there was no negative feedback caused by increasing the number of posts. The research was done on pages that had up to 40 posts per day.

8. Be Creative with Titles, Make Them Trendy

I found myself clicking more and more on topics that are trending on Facebook. And what I noticed is that right under these posts in the post details, there are similar posts from friends from whom I am miles away. For example, when I clicked on the Walking Dead show, it showed me a similar post by a friend who is advertising a book. He used the popularity of the Walking Dead in a very clever way. Here is the post:

“Finally after finishing with work I am off to watch the Walking Dead, no showering, no sleeping until I finish the season. (New line)

But in case I did not mention, you can find my new book here.”

So, use trendy headlines wisely.

9. Study Your Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback

Discovering what the audience does not like can be the best way to find out in which direction to move in the future. Facebook allows four types of negative feedback:

  • Hide post
  • Hide all posts
  • Report page as spam
  • Unlike page

Statistics proved to us by Facebook is a raw number, but it is still useful to find out when a post begins to cause bad energy on the web. By studying these things we can determine the types of posts to avoid.

10. Examine the Market

Facebook is not the same place for advertising as it was last year. But we need to adjust accordingly to stay in step with the times and we need to constantly experiment with new ways of advertising. Organic content still has its importance on Facebook and on pages that produce great content, content that teaches us something, entertains us or makes us think. However, organic reach is unpredictable and we can’t really predict when our video might become viral.

So, if we want our Facebook marketing to be good and viral, we need to change it constantly. The ways in which people are bombarded with ads are constantly changing and we need to respond to that change. We need to analyze what we are doing, but also what others are doing in order to progress. It is not easy to make good content, but with a lot of effort and experience you can achieve these things.

About Jovan Krstic

He is dedicated to make creative and useful articles in order to present his opinion to the world in the best possible way. Like to write about business, online marketing, start-up and managing. As a marketing manager, work on a few web shops and portals of lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, he is general secretary of CID Unesco Niš, organization that is working on development of dancing and maintaining culture of motion.

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