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My Party Quiz – Entertain Your Brain

my party quiz

So are you bored? You reach for your phone only to find the same old games that you already turned around a few times already. You reach for Google Play, only to be disappointed in their choice of games. If you need something new and challenging, something to entertain your brain, and not only to practice your tapping dynamics, then ...

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Music Players Throughout History

music player

Thanks to the huge and fast technological development, everyone can walk through the streets listening to their favorite music without anyone else hearing it. You can be in your own world thanks to your headset, miniature telephone or iPod, not be bothered by anyone and not annoying others.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – the Good and the Bad

samsung galaxy note 5

On August 14th, at the annual Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled their new flagship – the Note 5. Alongside the Note line update, the Korean giant has also showed a larger version of the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge +, which is just a larger version of its predecessor.

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Top 7 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Live Longer


Smartphones are very personal devices and considering their price, they should be handled with care. They can hold important documents, pictures, videos and other sensitive data, and all of that can be lost if not maintained properly.

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Artificial Intelligence Is upon Us!

Artificial Intelligence

Similar to the gadgets from old 007 movies, which were considered to be science fiction at the time and are now a reality, the gap between artificially intelligent humanoid robots and the terminator-style robots from the future is becoming smaller each day. We are making promising steps towards creating a fully functioning robot that can act and think as well ...

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Are Smartwatches Ready for Primetime?

Smart watches

Since the smartphone market has matured, companies need to look elsewhere for growth, and they have been looking towards smartwatches. With the announcement of the Apple Watch, smartwatches have become much more popular. In part due to the power of Apple brand, the iWatch now holds 75% of the market, according to some reports. This growth has been a motivating ...

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Top 3 Must Have Gadgets for 2016


Every year we see something new and cool in the gadget world, but many of these products don’t come to the mainstream or even to production at all. This year we have seen some great technologies mature, thus making them more accessible and more available for the average consumer and this is what this list is all about

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Top 5 Tech YouTubers


This list is not about the best tech channels. It is about the best channels that are usually run by one person. It is about how their personalities help make their videos better. There is a plethora of channels that do excellent video editing and genuinely make great hiqh-quality content, but the lack of personality makes it hard to identify ...

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Top 5 Affordable Chinese Smartphones

Chinese Smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are on the rise and it seems they are here to stay. Analyzing the data from this year’s Top 10 smartphone manufacturers list, we can notice that 7 of the 10 manufacturers are from China, some of which include brands such as Lenovo, Huawei, Zte and others.

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How to Become Successful on YouTube


You all know the big names on YouTube – Marques Brownlee, PewDiePie, Austin Evans and more. When you look at them, you are probably thinking to yourself that they must be living their dreams, and for the most part they are! It was not an easy path for them, and it will be an even harder for you.

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Top 3 Smartphones Under $300


What you usually see on Youtube and on popular review websites are the flagships, the phones that cost a significant amount of money, but not everyone is willing to spend that much.Lucky for them, there have been some great additions in the sub $300 smartphone market. Here, I will list three of the most notable.

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Top 5 Camera Smartphones

Camera Smartphone

If you are in the market for a new smartphone or are looking to replace your point-and-shoot camera, this list will definitely help you decide. I will be focusing, pun intended, on speed, quality, clarity, video and extra features provided by software, so let’s go.

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Top Tips When Buying a Used PC

buying PC

Buying used tech is a great way to save some money, but it can also be a very risky venture and this guide is here to help you out. Getting a used computer, a smartphone or a camera is not the same, as all of these devices have different things that you should look out for when buying.

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Top 10 Most Popular Online Games in 2015

online games

There have never been more online gamers in the world, but what kind of games are people playing? What genres? How much do they pay for these games? These are just some of the question that will be answered below, so stay tuned!

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Top Tips When Buying a Used Smartphone


The latest smartphones are great, but sometimes they can get a bit too pricey for some, at which point buying used ones is a good option. This guide will give you some tips about buying used smartphones, as well as give you some great suggestions on which smartphones are the best when getting them second-hand.

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Top 5 Tips for Improving at League of Legends


League of Legends or, as people like to call it – LOL, is the most popular online game in the world. With over 27 million active daily players and over 60 million monthly players, it is by far the most played game in the world.

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Top 3 Ways to Improve Android Performance

android logo

Google’s mobile OS is known for losing performance and slowing down after a certain period of time that it is used. Furthermore, installing a lot of apps, skins and widgets can slow down your phone considerably. This little guide will help you speed up your phone and keep it running as smooth as possible.

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Top 3 Most Hated Versions of Windows

windows crushing

Yes, Windows is the most used operating system in the world, and yes, it has been great for the most part, but there were some versions that we were better off without ever getting to use them. So what are these big mistakes that Microsoft made? Find out below.

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4 Best Gaming Consoles of All Time

Xbox 360

The gaming console industry started developing more than four decades ago. The first generation of consoles, Magnavox Odyssey, was released in 1972, and jump started a fast-growing global trend. From that moment on, the industry was highly competitive, ever-growing and it’s always changing, improving and expanding.

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Windows 10 – the Pros and Cons

windows 10 logo

The latest Microsoft’s operating system is out and the large majority of people are wondering is it worth the update? This is actually the first Windows operating system that can be acquired via a free upgrade, yes you read that right, a free operating system from Microsoft, to me that just sounds unreal.

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Top 8 Games of All Time

intense gamer

8. Warcraft 3 – Frozen Throne This is the best developed sequel of the Warcraft series, after which the franchise redirects to MMORPG waters. Frozen Throne is the crowning of the earlier line of strategic Warcraft games. Warcraft 3 was highly popular and played, but its expansion – Frozen Throne added a lot more content without overcrowding it. This is ...

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Top 3 Best Gaming Graphics Cards

gaming PC

This year has been very interesting in the GPU universe, and now, with the unveiling of the AMD Fury X and the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti, gamers are left with a big decision, which card should they buy.

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