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How to Become Successful on YouTube

You all know the big names on YouTube – Marques Brownlee, PewDiePie, Austin Evans and more. When you look at them, you are probably thinking to yourself that they must be living their dreams, and for the most part they are! It was not an easy path for them, and it will be an even harder for you.

The competition right now on YouTube is huge in just about every category. Everyone wants to live off of making videos because it seems easy, right? Well, no. It takes time and a lot of sacrifices. In addition, the thing that makes a YouTuber successful is not the motivation to get popular or get rich, but it is the love for the thing he does. If you would like to start a tech channel, you will need good equipment, not anything too expensive, but recording with a phone is not a good idea. The YouTube landscape has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when you could use your laptop’s webcam to start off and upgrade your equipment later on as you become more successful. So, before you begin, get some solid recording equipment like a DSLR and a microphone.

Pick a Category

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You can’t start off a channel without knowing what you want to record. There are many different channel categories and they determine many aspects of your future YouTube career. Revenue and models of monetizations can vary depending on this choice. Ad revenue on YouTube is shrinking, so other models of monetization are essential to your financial success. Some options are product placements, paid product reviews, sponsorships, etc. You need to know your limits, so do some research before making your final choice. Gaming is very popular but also very crowded. The same goes for comedy, but if you create good and compelling content, no matter how hard and crowded it may seem, there is a chance for success. The only right way to choose a category is to just record what you love, no matter of the obstacles.

Stay Consistent

If you promise your audience new videos 3 times a week, for example Monday, Tuesday and Friday, make sure you can fulfill that promise. Staying consistent is very important to the point that it makes your channel look more professional. As for your fans, they will definitely respect you more. YouTube can be a full-time job even if you don’t make a living out of it. It takes a lot of time to create quality content and you need to be aware of that. So, think about this when you promise to make a new video every day.

Quality Is Important

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There are two things that viewers notice first – audio and video. Some may forgive you for bad video, as you may be starting off and can’t afford a better camera, but no one will forgive bad audio. If the audio is bad, it is just pointless to watch a video and can even be irritating. Make sure you have a good microphone to begin with before starting your YouTube carrier.

Collaboration Is Where the Growth Is

If you want fast growth and more people to notice you, you will need to collaborate with other YouTubers. This can be very intimidating. You don’t want to ask someone who has a much bigger channel for a collaboration. Instead, find channels similar in size to yours. Do not do a collab just for the sake of doing it. Make sure you offer something unique to the video and to the person you want to collaborate with.


That is pretty much it. There is no magic formula for YouTube success, just tips and guidelines that will help along the way. Ultimately, it all depends on you. Luck plays a certain role, this is true. A video that becomes viral can definitely help, but it is not the key to success. Your own personality plays a vital role. You need to be relatable and likeable to your audience and this is something you can’t learn, it is something you are born with. In the end, doing it just for the money will mean almost certain failure. If you don’t love what you are doing, the audience will be able to see it. It is a kind of thing you need to love to be able to do it. It is about creativity, and to be creative you need to love what you are creating. So, I guess the number one thing that you need to remember is to love what you are doing. It might sound cliché, but hey, we all know it’s true.

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