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Play Smart, Play for Your Brain: “My Party Quiz” Is the Game for Busy Moms with Sharp Minds

You have managed to finish all the chores for today – congrats! A hardworking mom managed not to forget her kids in kindergarten after work, arranged for the dinner and so on… We all know that every mother has this magical endless list.

Pastimes Should Be Fun, Smart Moms Need Smart Fun

my party quiz

Do you find yourself frequently sitting on the couch at the end of the day looking for having a great pastime? Or just want something to play during work breaks? Mind games are games of choice for all these moments and My Party Quiz has four of them built in – math, spelling , memory and melody games.

So, if you are not a skilled mathematician, but you have an excellent musical hearing, or maybe you were the best at spelling bees back in school, this game will not leave you with a moment of boredom! And if you want different skills challenged interchangeable, it won`t leave your thoughts for a

moment astray – because you can always find time to worry about something.

Your Brain Is Game Thirsty!

Brains want to MOVE without the need to have a conclusion, of course. They don’t like sitting having nothing teasing to work on. Nobody does! Sitting for an entire day is a sure road to depression and early memory loss, besides awful marriages.

Thus, a thinking brain is an awake brain. The brain that sleeps for too long becomes slow and ineffective. Cognitive abilities are like muscles if you don`t use them, they shrink. And before you know it, your brain won’t be able to achieve anything good further in time. Use the internet as your gym!

Your Skin Is Aging but Your Brain Is Already Too Wrinkled

math game

We all need a deposit for old age. No woman wants to be suffering from dementia or memory loss when young hot shots are walking around the beach while she sips her martini in her retirement days. Your mental functions need some“Brain collagen“!

Moreover, elderly people need to keep their brains in shape. They need to exercise in order to retain mental fitness. “Mm, look at that sexy old piece of … brain!”

So start your work-out routine on time! Doing Cross-words, playing chess, arguing for no reason and brain games – all excellent ways to keep your thinking as sharp as possible. And make sure you start easy before jumping to heavy lifting.

“Mom, You Can’t Do It” – You Want to Beat Your Kids in Their Own Game or Just Play It Together with Them?

Finally, we all have to keep up with the youngsters since they learn quickly about the new age technologies and they use new games as a way of achieving this. So your thinking has to be always as fresh! These are the perks of being a mom, you get to be as young as your kids. You start learning about the world all over again with them. Brain games are wonderful ways of bridging the generation gap because such games are like evergreen of the gaming word! My Party Quiz has all features it needs to appeal to school children and older kids as well.

my party quiz

When it comes to brain teasers you really need them to be your cup of tea! So, My Party Quiz stands excellent chances of cutting it for you, because of its multiple types of games which make such a good test for multi-talented moms.

Summing it all up, having fun and learning at the same time is the best bargain anyone can get, and all you are required to do is to sit back, and grab your favorite book or game.

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He is dedicated to make creative and useful articles in order to present his opinion to the world in the best possible way. Like to write about business, online marketing, start-up and managing. As a marketing manager, work on a few web shops and portals of lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, he is general secretary of CID Unesco Niš, organization that is working on development of dancing and maintaining culture of motion.

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