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Top 5 Tips for Improving at League of Legends

League of Legends or, as people like to call it – LOL, is the most popular online game in the world. With over 27 million active daily players and over 60 million monthly players, it is by far the most played game in the world.

And if you are one of those players, this list will definitely help you out.

Before we begin, let’s just clarify that this list is good for all types of League players. Basically, it does not matter if you are an experienced diamond player or a beginner, it is about the mindset of the player. Also, these general tips are not about the best ADC or mid lane champions or individual tips for certain champions, they are about improving your game and understanding the game better.

5. Don’t Be Affected by Things You Cannot Control

league of legends pc screenshot

If you are playing as an AD Carry, you need not care about how top lane is doing, because there is nothing you can do about it. Getting angry and therefore getting distracted will only harm you and your team and that is why you should just concentrate on winning your lane. The best thing to do is to communicate with your teammates and try to help them that way, but do not be negative and do not rage, be constructive in the chat, because this could greatly increase your chances of winning.

4. Watch Your Replays

You can download a few programs that will help you record your gameplay, one of my favourites is League replays and it is completely free. There are two types of plays you should look out for: good plays and bad plays. Use good plays to analyze what you did right and see if you could have done anything better, later when you play again try to use the things you have learned. Bad plays are even more important, as you can use these to see what you did wrong and especially look for consistent mistakes and try to improve. One other tip here is to take notes, so you do not forget anything later on.

3. Focus on Specific Skills

Specific Skills

It is not enough to say: “I want to improve” and be done with it. It is about improving all the little things. Let’s say you take too much poke in lane, next time try to take less poke, be less aggressive when playing against certain champions, concentrate more on farming, improve last-hitting, buy better items and so on. All these so-called little things are actually a huge part of the game and are essential to your overall improvement.

2. Watch Others Play

There are many YouTube channels with League of Legends content and you should use them! Watch other people play, but try to watch those that provide gameplay commentary as they do it. You can also find a ton of videos with tips, champion recommendations for any given patch and also patch updates. Stay updated and watch those videos as they can show you which champions and strategies work for the latest patch. Some people watch LCS players play but most of them do not provide any commentary so you will not know why they do the things they do when they do them.

1. Play a Lot!

LOL tournament

And the number one tip is to simply play a lot of the game. We all have jobs and school or other obligations, but if you want to improve you need to play at least a game or two a day, especially if you are playing and competing in ranked. This is more or less about mechanics, when you play constantly you are more concentrated and you are faster with your hands and fingers. Better mechanics equal in more kills and more wins. And from my own personal experience, I can definitely confirm this one. Just try to not play for a few days or a week then fire up the game and you will see what I am talking about.

League of Legends is not an easy game. It might be easy to start playing, but it is definitely not easy to master, if that is at all possible, and, on top of that, it is highly competitive and you rely not only on your own skills, but on your teammates’ as well. This list will definitely help you out with getting into the right mindset and with improving your overall gameplay. Now go start the game and good luck!

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