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Seven Natural Wonders of Serbia

Due to its specific geographical position, and active participation in creating of the history in its region, Serbia is rich with historical monuments. But, maybe it wouldn’t be so interesting for civilization paths that nature itself has not taken care to make them diverse and interesting.

Deciduous forests, clear mountain rivers, sparkling waterfalls and crystal clear springs, gigantic mountain peaks have provided the opportunity for various activities such as walking and hiking, rafting, paragliding, canyoning, cycling, skiing, etc.

According to the model of the Seven Wonders of the World, we have tried to choose Serbian seven wonders of nature.

River Drina

drina river

The borders of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the natural attractions that are enrolled in the list of seven natural wonders of Serbia. Created with a confluence of Tara and Piva, in addition to being a real natural beauty, this is a favorite destination for fishermen.  Limestone massifs that surround it make it a very nice, but river is also known for its high water level and inaccessible areas that surround it. Drina at one time was the border between the Western and Eastern Roman Empire, and one of its bridges is described in the work of Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, Bridge on the Drina.

Tara Mountain

mountain tara


One of the most visited mountain in Serbia is Tara, which, with its natural resources entered in the list of favorite miracles. This park covers an area of about 25 000 hectares on the highest part of the mountain. What makes it special are rivers on a base of limestone, Beli Rzav, Rača, Derventa, Bambino and Negro, that make deep gorges and canyons. There you can also find caves, bays and valleys and well-known Serbian spruce. If you have plan to visit Serbia, rafting on Tara river needs to be on your bucket list!

Djerdap Gorge (Iron Gate)

Djerdap Gorge

The longest and biggest gorge in Europe certainly has to be entered in the natural wonders of Serbia. Iron Gate is a composite because it consists of four valleys and four canyons where you can find one special spot Treskavac, which from time immemorial the people used as a kind of calendar “instrument”. There are archaeological sites and and monuments such as Lepenski vir, Golubac fortress, the remains of Trajan’s bridge and Trajan table. This “Serbian Stonehenge” is located in the east of Serbia and constitutes the border with Romania. At the entrance to the gorge, the Danube is the widest in its entire course of about 6000 meters.

River Vratna

River Vratna

River Vratna is wonder of nature, not only for Serbia but also for Europe. It is a river in eastern Serbia and it’s best known for three highest stone bridge in Europe with a breathtaking view. This small river with their magnificent stone gate has inspired many myths and legends that are well known to locals.

Uvac Canyon

Uvac Canyon

Uvac Canyon is located between Sjenica and Nova Varoš, in the mountains Javor and Zlatar. Three wedged meanders decorate  the famous canyon. They were formed with the river carved into the limestone rock.  Apart from them, Uvac Canyon  is also known for being the griffon vulture nests. It’s a kind of vulture, impressive size, which is nearly extinct decades ago.

Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town)

Đavolja Varoš

Devil’s Town is a natural wonder that was in the race for the new Wonder of the World. This is a very attractive natural gift which is located in the south of Serbia, consisting of 202 stone figures resulting from a long and patient work of nature. In the world there are a few similar formations, but it’s the biggest and therefore special.

Fruška Gora

Fruška Gora

Fruska Gora is the oldest national park in Serbia. This island mountain, which is located in the plain, abundant in wooded pastures, medicinal herbs and is a favorite among mountaineers. Some of the many animal species are deer, weasel, roe deer, wild boar, marten, jackal… On the mountain there are also 17 orthodox monasteries which are cultural and historical monuments.

These are just some of the places that we would recommend, but if you are lovers of nature and outdoor sports, Serbia will certainly become one of your favorite places to go.

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