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Top 8 Exotic Destinations That Will Leave You Breathless

Traveling broadens our perspectives, inspires us and provides the moments of serenity and peacefulness. There is something magical in uniting with nature that drives us, as human beings, to go further and explore even beyond our own limits. Some destinations are well-known for providing these kinds of experiences.

Here are some of the top destinations where you can please yourself and also transform your views and perspectives.

1. Barbados


The king of the Caribbean, the island of Barbados is as British as it gets. You can enjoy your afternoon tea here or even a cricket match on its vast cricket greens. The sea is usually calm on the west side, but ideal for surfing in the south. Barbados is considered a safe country and you are free to explore for as long as you want, without any security risks. The most comfortable time, in terms of weather, is from January to April, since those months are least humid and cooler than other months of the year. Of course, to come here for the winter holidays is quite pricey. So I recommend going in May, because the rates are lower and the weather is still enjoyable. The island has 5 parts: the luxurious and isolated west coast; the developed and populated south coast; the tranquil east coast with few guest houses to stay in; the inner part of the island with mysterious caves and botanic gardens with plantations of sugar canes. And the last but not the least, the islands’ capital of Bridgetown with the nearby historical site, the Garrison area, which is placed on the Unesco’s World Heritage List.

2. Sri Lanka

This Island country, located in the Indian Ocean, south of India, is known for having an ancient history, going back for over 3500 years. It is a tropical paradise with occasional rainfall throughout the year. For tourists, this is an ideal place to discover the wilderness, since safari tours in its national parks regularly encounter wild animals, such as leopards, primates, birds, etc. Visitors of Sri Lanka can now travel from the city of Colombo to Jaffna, since the railroad has been reconstructed after the ending of the civil war in 2009. Sri Lanka offers a lot of UNESCO world heritage sites, temples, plantations, and untouched beaches you can explore. One of them is the most important Buddhist site at Anuradhapura. You should also visit the Kalpitiya peninsula located between the Indian Ocean and the Puttalam Lagoon before it is destroyed by new building ventures.
The best time to visit Sri Lanka is May through August when the prices are low and the weather is beautiful.

3. Bermuda


A delightful getaway location, surrounded by an incredible coral reef harboring different species of fish, is the ideal place for a romantic and peaceful vacation. It is only two hours away by plane from the easternmost point of the US, but it is a truly unique world shaped by its British heritage. The capital city of Hamilton is situated in the center of the main island of Bermuda. St George is located at the other side, at the far eastern end of Bermuda. This exotic island is famous for the beautiful pink sand beaches, and the most famous one – Horseshoe Bay Beach. It offers a lot of interesting things to see and try, such as Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda Maritime Museum and a lot of outdoor activity such as golfing, eco-tours, whale-watching, etc. Bermudas equivalent to Super Bowl is a cricket Cup Match occurring between July-August. Two cricket teams, St George and Somerset compete to win the Cup and have a two-day celebration afterwards. It is also the only time that gambling is legal on the island of Bermuda. Bermuda is in the Atlantic region, so it is a subtropical island with mild climate and the high season is April through October. This is the time when the island is full of tourists and plenty of sightseeing options become available.

4. Panama

Panama city

This Central American country is becoming more and more popular with time. It is a tourist destination that offers a unique experience of enjoying two world oceans in just one week, along with its forests and mountains. It borders Costa Rica on the North and Colombia on the south. The capital is Panama City, which is a modern commercial and art center of this region. Most famous for its Panama Canal built in 1914, Panama is connecting Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the “Crossroad of the Americas”. This is a place you should explore by taking a boat trip to one of the Panama Canal’s Locks. The oldest city in America is located right there in Panama – Casco Viejo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, all packed into dazzling Spanish style architecture. You can ride a bike along the 4 miles long Amador Causeway or explore the ruins at Panama Viejo. Various attractions nominate Panama to be the country of great tourism potential. Fairly consistent climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 21°C at night to 33°C during the day, will make your outdoor adventure in Panama refreshing and enjoyable. Ideal time to visit Panama is December through March, because of the lower humidity and extremely rare rainfalls.

5. Cuba


The remarkable island of Cuba is the most populated island of the Caribbean. Art Deco architecture along with classic cars and its restless people will give you an experience beyond your expectations. The capital is the beautiful Havana with its impressive colonial architecture and contrasting poor housing of ordinary Cubans. Other cities worth seeing, of the same colonial type, are the Unesco listed – Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos and Camagüey. The ruined buildings throughout Cuba are remnants of a great historical legacy modern Cuba has inherited. White sands and bright blue-and-green waters are a special delight that the Cuban beaches have to offer. The longest and the most beautiful beach in Cuba is Varadero Beach, which you should not miss if staying in Havana. Another must-have experience is visiting one of the many Havana’s salsa clubs, where you can enjoy some of the biggest bands and dance to exciting salsa rhythms. The most preserved colonial buildings in Americas are located in Old Havana, a historical place where the past and present collide. The best times to visit Cuba is December through April, since the storms and hurricanes along with extreme heat waves during summer are occurring in the other parts of the year.

6. Málaga, Spain


The historical Mediterranean city, located in the Southern Spanish region of Andalucia, and positioned in the middle of Costa del Sol, Malaga is the capital of Malaga province.  This city was founded in the 8th century, which makes it one of the oldest in the world, and so it offers magnificent architectural sites and museums. The historic city center is the main pedestrian area, surrounding the grandiose gothic Cathedral de Malaga. The city of Malaga is the birthplace of the grand artist Pablo Picasso. Museo Picasso Málaga is a location you should not miss, since it holds a collection of 204 works of this famous Spanish artist. Next site you should definitely visit is Alcazaba palace-fortress built in 11th century, along with the archeological museum exhibiting objects from Moorish period, a highly influential era for this part of Spain. New Pompidou Culture Centre, situated in a large glass structure, is a site worth mentioning. It was opened in March of 2015 and will host 80 works of art, with 5 or more exhibitions per year.

The best time to visit Malaga is spring and fall, since the temperatures can go up quite high during the summer.

7. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

Pronounced as ‘essa-weera’, Essaouira  is a coastal city on the Atlantic side of Morocco, which combines 3 types of architecture, Portuguese, French and Barber style. This fortified town, with its walled center called the Medina, appeared in the BO Tv Show Game of Thrones. The original canons from 18th century are preserved and are a popular place for making some breathtaking photographs. This “Wind City of Africa” is perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing and is considered a paradise for all kinds of watersports. The most popular surfing beaches are Cape Sim and Sidi Kaouki.  Popular activities include taking Eco-friendly walking tours and enjoying fascinating countryside around Essaouira. You can explore the Argan woods, the Thuya Forest, The Dunes and the charming Berber villages where you can drink fresh mint tea. The main advantage of visiting this city is that is still not crowded with tourists, so you can enjoy a tranquil vacation that will literally blow your mind.Starting this year, there are direct flights to this destination. The best time to visit Essaouira is in the summer.

8. Faroe Islands

Small and remote Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands, located halfway between Iceland and Norway. The “islands of sheep” are considered a Danish territory but are self-governed.
The Faroe Islands have a place on the National Geographic’s “Best of the World 2015” list as a must-see destination. Not exactly a tropical paradise, but an unbelievable place, nonetheless, with extraordinary landscapes and sceneries, and unpredictable weather. You can sail through 700-meter-high birdcliffs, named Vestmanna birdcliffs with thousands of island birds breeding every year. One of the important historical sites on the Islands is Kirkjubøur, with its preserved Middle Age church, old log houses and the remains of St. Magnus Cathedral from 13th century. The historical core of the city of Tórshavn is Tinganas, a delightful peninsula with its oldest area called Reyn, a charming place with wooden cottages and red stone and timber houses. The best sushi place outside of Japan is located right there at Faroe Islands, is called Etika and combines Japanese cuisine with fresh fish from Faroese waters.

The tourist season starts in March and ends by late September.

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