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6 Easy Steps for Keeping Your Lawn in Order

Lawn in Order

Your lawn can be more than just a simple patch of grass. If you spend some time arranging and taking care of all the greenery you have, your backyard will look amazing. Also, you’llbe able to create a haven for relaxation and a serene place where you can enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that it will take a bit more ...

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4 Things to Think About Before Moving In

moving in

As the time approaches for you to move into your new place, you’ll probably be super excited and look forward to the moment when you’ll be sleeping in your new bed. Maybe your new home is closer to your job, or in a neighbourhood you always wanted to live in. However, are you 100% sure that your new place is ...

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In Math We Trust


There is no genetic predetermination for mathematical intelligence, and there is a lot of scientific studies that support this. Don’t take part in an already flawed system that reinforces this opinion. Sumerians discovered math and developed writing 5000 years ago. People from the age of long past gone valued the benefits of mathematical knowledge, yet we are often indifferent to ...

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A Different Approach to Educating Youngsters

education kids

There are a lot of games out there that teach your kids the basics of math. However, most of them are based on rewarding the child for solving problems that it already knows the solution to. Kids are bright enough and to trick their parents, but not experienced enough to know what’s good for them. What I mean by this ...

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The Most Unusual Hobbies in the World

Unusual Hobbies

Hobby is something people do in their spare time, something they love to do and are not paid for. This can be something that a person just enjoys doing, or it can involve collecting something unusual.

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Can Cats Show Love?


People are often told that cats are not capable of expressing emotions because they, like all other animals, have only natural instincts. Furthermore, it is often thought that they show affection only if they need food or shelter.

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6 Real People with Superpowers


We’ve all dreamed about being bitten by a radioactive spider or being exposed to radiation and becoming some kind of a superhuman. Some dream of using those powers to help others, to fight crime and be worshiped like Superman or Batman. On the other hand, some others dream about using them to dominate and rule the world.

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Which Jobs Turn People into Psychopaths?

work stress

When a horrible thing happens, we usually take it for granted without wondering what might have been the cause of that heinous act. Modern society has imposed materialism as the primary motive for the work and creativity of people.

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Wanderlust Is in Our Genes


Like many other people, you have probably felt the need to travel somewhere far and unknown. On the other side, there are some people who have never felt the need to leave their houses.

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Be Healthy Like Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has topped the charts in the tennis world. Very few have achieved the same level in their respectful professions, whatever those might be. In order to succeed, you need a lot of talent, courage, and decisiveness, in order to remove all the obstacles from your way.

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Planets Similar to the Earth


Science is evolving and it comes up with new discoveries on the daily bases and discovering planets similar to earth. New meteors, stars and planets are discovered regularly, and if we continue abusing our planet like we do, we might just need those planets sooner than we thought.

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Most Influential Countercultures Ever


The terms counterculture and subculture are similar, but not identical. Subculture is a part of one culture, it has its own values and norms, and it isn’t in any kind of conflict with the society (most of the times). On the other hand, counterculture is a subculture whose norms and values are drastically different from the societies, which leads to a certain conflict ...

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10 Weirdest Sea Creatures

Vampyroteuthis infernalis

Psychrolutes marcidus Weird see creature also known as Blobfish, this fish lives in the depths of about a kilometer, and only in regions of Australia and Tasmania. Its flesh is gelatinous, a bit denser than water, which allows it to float above the bottom of the ocean and not waste too much energy on swimming. It’s similar when it comes ...

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