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In Math We Trust

There is no genetic predetermination for mathematical intelligence, and there is a lot of scientific studies that support this. Don’t take part in an already flawed system that reinforces this opinion. Sumerians discovered math and developed writing 5000 years ago. People from the age of long past gone valued the benefits of mathematical knowledge, yet we are often indifferent to the insights that it can provide us.

The Secret Sauce

math forms

At some point in our life, everyone had a brush with math. More than often, we greet any new knowledge with “When am I going to use this in real life?” However, you might reconsider your attitude if you have any fondness for engineering, economics, computer science, architecture, the list goes on… Did we miss your career choice? Are you going to work in game development? That place is the “Wolf’s den” for math, just to give you a heads up.

From easing our day to day life, to opening our minds to brave new worlds, math is here to stay.

In the Wrong Hands

We need to perceive math as a tool in our life, not a crutch. But tools are not at fault when used poorly, and in this topic, math has a dark past. On a daily basis, math is the foundation of calculating and processing data, and this plays nicely with the human need to quantify everything. However, it coincides with greed too. The products of such love affair are algorithms that silently run on most online sites we visit. Their prime obligation is to weigh and depict us as raw data. Although, there are notable exeptions, where some big companies use these findings to better infiltrate our lives, and sway our opinions, ranging from our grocery lists to our political preferances. The existance of this data is by no means an alarming fact, and not much can be done to contradict this. However, what is alarming is our lack of consciousness about the invasion of privacy done by people who use it for comercial purposes.

Used for Noble Deeds

simpson math

On the other hand, with math we were able to do astonishing things and we made great strides in technological and philosophical advancement. We have robots on Mars and the Voyager probe left our solar system over two years ago. This is old news to most of us, but these milestones will stand the test of time and will make their way into our history books. Just recently SpaceX successfully landed their rockets back on Earth. Yes, they went into space, turned around, and came back to Earth, and the rockets are reusable. To add to that, math found it’s way into psychology and is of great help in the fields of psychological influences within masses, and can even go as far to “predict” cetain economical events if you can pool together enough data.

Elegance Amongst Equations

There is a hidden beauty in mathematical equations, but what makes them so appealing? Well, researchers at the University College in London had an experiment that aimed to prove that it all boils down to simple brain chemistry. They showed a group of mathematicians 60 diffrent equations and then asked them to judge those equations on a beauty scale – from ugly to beautiful. This was done while the mathematicians were inside an MRI scanner and the results were interesting.

The higher the equations were on the beauty scale, the more likely they were to trigger an activity in the A1 field of the medial orbitofrontal cortex – that’s the part of your brain that is typically associated with emotional responses to musical and visual beauty.

Researchers then performed the same study on a control group comprised of people with no special appreciation for math. The activity in the A1 field this time was expectingly minimal, but a handfull of them were still able to find the hidden beauty. Even with little or no understanding of what they were actually seeing, their minds found those equations to be a pleasing sight.

A Place to Call It’s Own

math room

It is common that people with no talent for Art can still tell if a picture or sculpture resonantes with them on a certain level. This applies to music, and literature to some extent. We associate art with gallaries, and music has a special place in our everyday lives, and literatue has libraries to call home. Then why is math any different, shouldn’t we have an association for it too? To some degree, mathematicians are at fault for not teaching us to appreciate math as an Art form, however a part of the blame lies within us too.

A World Hidden in Plane Sight

Math is one of those subjects where many people feel that if they don’t understand it, they are happy enough to leave it be. The truth is that everyone has predespositions to practice and study math, only we’ve let the phrase: “I’m not a math person” blind us to see the big picture. We were born too late to explore unknown continents, but too early to explore the vastness of space. Nevertheless, math can offer us travels we never concived and they are just a pen tip away.

About Jovan Krstic

He is dedicated to make creative and useful articles in order to present his opinion to the world in the best possible way. Like to write about business, online marketing, start-up and managing. As a marketing manager, work on a few web shops and portals of lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, he is general secretary of CID Unesco Niš, organization that is working on development of dancing and maintaining culture of motion.

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