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Cool gifts for your friend’s birthday


When birthdays are rolling around, it is a very difficult time because choosing a gift can be a real nightmare. And it becomes even more bothersome since your friends will be expecting something amazing. However, there are a few ideas you can always go with, and it will be a success every time.


Make your own bracelet

While it might seem that friendship bracelets are not very welcome, they are indeed a good idea for a gift. Though, be sure to look into how some DIY bracelets are made, so that you can make a really good one your friend will like and appreciate.

Buy something they deeply care about

If you know what some of the passions of your friend are, then you can make sure to get them a memorabilia they will really like. Even a stuffed animal can be meaningful, this will be an especially great gift idea if you are looking for a gift for her. On the other side, nowadays you can have even custom built stuffed animals, which will give your present a layer of charm.

Get creative with your gift

One way to make sure that your friend will love your present is to go for something completely wild. Buying a ukulele is amazing for those who are musically talented, and the next time you meet, you can even sing along.

Get a camera

Buying an expensive camera might be out of the question, but if you want to surprise your friend you can always opt for a Polaroid camera. Not only will it be a cool gift, but you will be able to make memories together. Just remember to get a Polaroid toolkit for the next time, so that you can help your friend take and make amazing photographs.

Customize your friend’s mobile phone

Buying a custom-made gift is always a good idea, and a mobile phone case is going to be a good choice, as your friend will be able to carry it around, and show everyone what a remarkable gift you got. Though, make sure that you get a design they will like because getting a gift returned is never pleasant.


A book is always interesting

Not everyone will appreciate a good book, which is why you need to make sure that your friend will do, or that you get them something that will be fun. There is a plethora of silly books to choose from, if you think they will like something that has light comedy in it.

Make a custom t-shirt

Do you have a band you both like, then getting a shirt from Clothing Planet is the next best thing if you cannot afford tickets to the concert. Though, be sure to spend a little bit extra to get a good quality print, because you will want the shirt to last.



You have no idea what to get

As a last resort, you can always get your friend a gift card, and let them pick out something they like. Just make sure that you are not stingy with how much money there is on the card, because you could get into a fight even before the party gets starting.


Remember that you are getting a gift for your friend’s birthday, and if you have no idea what they like, it will be hard to choose, and you will be spending a lot of time figuring it out. On the flip side though, be sure to go with something you would like as well because if you do not like it, your friend might not be happy either.

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He is dedicated to make creative and useful articles in order to present his opinion to the world in the best possible way. Like to write about business, online marketing, start-up and managing. As a marketing manager, work on a few web shops and portals of lawyers and entrepreneurs. Also, he is general secretary of CID Unesco Niš, organization that is working on development of dancing and maintaining culture of motion.

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