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From Hell to Heaven Wedding Organization Checklist


You said “Yes” and the wedding bells seem pretty close. You get the ecstatic feeling of marrying the person you love and everything seems to be falling into pieces.

However, it is not to forget that if not done the right way, wedding planning can face some pitfalls as well.

From small eating disorders to sleeping issues, stressful situations and anxiety can put you off the track and swing your focus back and forth. It does not matter if you are ‘wedding type’ or not – organizing a big ceremony can be a rather big task that will need to be broken down into smaller pieces.

But fear not, we came up with the list of things you should do to make everything run smoothly. So, just follow the list and free up some of your time to enjoy the great moments.


Start with the guest list – Although some may find it extremely tedious work, this is something that needs to be done no matter how time-consuming it is. Once the anxiety kicks in, you will be left with not so much to work with. Meaning – you will most probably be confused about who you should invite and how to include everyone in the list.

Now, while this is completely normal and understandable, there are still some things you can consider to get off the stress. Start by making a guest list. Nothing big, nothing definite.

Just open up an excel file and divide it into two columns – the contact info and RSVP.

This will allow you to easily keep track of the people you are adding and their feedback as well. This “database” will be just enough to put your stress in the corner – for you will have most of your contacts written down. Once you know how many people you would like to invite – proceed to venue selection

Reserve dates/venues – Picking and choosing between wedding venues is never an easy task. If you will, some take it as a primary focus when they plan a wedding. In order not to feel disappointed about the venue you have chosen, set up some things that might help you making the right decision: first of all, consider this: one or two places for ceremony and for reception. Shortlist the venues.

Do not get carried away by what is expected from you. Get a close look into the places you shortlisted and decide whether or not they fit your vibe. This is usually a gut feeling decision that is firmly related to the type of wedding you wish to have.

Purchase or rent your wedding gown – Many will consider purchasing a wedding gown as one of the toughest things to do when you are planning a wedding. Truth be told, it is still a unique and a very intimate thing.

Choosing the right wedding gown can be time-consuming if you do not have a special dress in mind. You will most probably go through the process of trying out a lot of dresses before making your final decision.

Details on the dress are as important as the dress itself. Figure out the silhouette that suits you best and focus on your personal style.

wedding organization

Purchase Rings – While a wedding gown has a unique but one-time role on the ceremony night, the ring is undoubtedly eternal. It is essential to choose something that will fit your style, so take your time deciding on this one. Rather than going with the model you are okay with, consider a bespoke diamond ring that will tell a unique store and will leave you in awe.

Find your style and find your jeweler, because probably the most important thing is that the jewelry craftsman understands what you are looking for. We love Paris-based diamond jewelers Galeries du Diamant, where young and talented designers can help you out with these decisions offering you a wide range of beautifully crafted rings that will suit your personality.

Plan your honeymoon – For some people, honeymoon is more important than the wedding itself. For one, it represents, the culmination of wedding celebration. You would want to make this vacation to be remembered for the following years.

Check and send out wedding invites – Now, since some time has passed and you have made a solid outline of guests you want to invite, you can start sending out invites. Now, this is the time where you fill in the RSVP column and keep track of your invitees.

Choose band and music – This is certainly one task that can be make it or break it of your wedding ceremony. While many people do not share the same taste in music, many of them will agree that ‘with right people they can listen to almost any kind of beat’. This is not entirely true, but it does take off tiny bits of stress.

Choose carefully the type of entertainment that will be in line with your personal taste. Guests will certainly notice if you are unhappy about your choice of the band. Keep your mind opened and find something that will suit you best – no doubt your guests will like it too!

Assign seating – It is not sexy, but it is true – doing an old fashioned “table list” still works like a charm. Make a list of all the tables and assign them to guests. Make sure to take into consideration different factors when grouping people together. That is, you might need to change things couple of times before choosing the right combination.

Select and order the cake and catering – Well, this is the sweetest part indeed. Organize the wedding cake tasting and decide which one you want to go with. But all the fun and sweet tastiness aside, make sure not to leave it to the last minute. Decide on the layers, size and design according to your taste. Choose caterers wisely – and be sure you know what your guests eat – attention to allergies and vegan diet!

Pack for your honeymoon – Once the ceremony is over, there is another part that you rarely stop to think about when you are concerned about planning out your wedding. Once the dust settles, enjoy the enchanting place you chosen, the sight of marvelous nature and the perfect ring resting on your hand.

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