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How to Choose the Ideal Swimsuit for Your Body

It is easy to look great in every swimming suit, if you have a body like Gisele Bundchen. But if a woman has big or small chest, large hips, or doesn’t have a waist at all, finding the right swimsuit for her can be really irritating.

These tips will help you to feel sexy and confident on the beach even you are not a model.

Be Familiar with Your Body Type

Look yourself in the mirror in the underwear, and measure your waist, your hips and chest. If your hips are wider than both your waist and chest, you have a shape of a pear (1). You should wear wider and darker bottoms, and avoid the so-called skimpy cut swimsuits.


If your waist is wider than your hips (usually after giving birth), you have a shape of an apple (2) One-piece swimsuit is great for you. Hiding the tummy is very easy, just choose a suit with enough fabric in that area, perhaps in some solid color, or high-waisted bottoms, like our grandmas used to wear in the 1940s.

Swimsuit for this summer

If you don’t have a visible difference between the chest, waist and hips you are a ruler or a rectangle. (3) The statistics say that this is the most common body type. For example, Nicole Kidman and Kim Catrall have no waist, but look fabulous! Just find some one-shoulder monokini to create the illusion of curves or choose horizontal patterns on bottoms to get the effect of wider hips.

Swimsuit with glass

And the best option – if you have a smaller waist than your hips and chest, you have a shape of an hourglass (4). Only 8 percent of women have this kind of figure in the world, and that includes models, as well. If you are one of these lucky girls, you should wear bath suits every day to show your figure :) Just kidding, choose some great material and avoid ties at the sides of hips, you definitely don’t want your hips to look bigger than they are.

Find a Suitable Swimsuit Store

When you are familiar with your body type, you are ready for shopping. Start with the stores specialized in swimsuits, or classic boutiques, but whatever you do, don’t go for online shopping. It is essential to try them. Don’t be afraid to buy separates, even if they don’t match perfectly! Just follow the rules for body shape. Most swimsuits have the label with the mark for different types of body.

Here are some general tips for choosing the right one:

If you want to show a feature you like, use a bright color or some pattern on that feature. To hide some part of the body you don’t like, use a dark color. Avoid boyshorts if you have big hips, and opposite – if you have big breasts and you want to imitate an hourglass shape, those shorts are great for you. If you are short, you should buy high-cut bikini bottoms, because your legs will look longer in those. If you have small breasts you should wear bikini tops with ties on the front, and the tops that pull the breasts closer, so they look bigger.

To conclude, after reading these tips, don’t forget that for a day of fun and sand it is usually enough just to take a towel and a bottle of SPF, and, with good friends, you will feel confident, no matter which type of swimsuit you are wearing.

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